November 13, 2023

How Business Analysis changed my life

After over a decade of working in Insurance I moved to the UK 3 years ago.

In my head it made sense to just pick up from where I left off in Ghana. I had experience in the Insurance industry so why not? Finding a job in insurance even with my years of experience albeit in a different market shouldn’t be that difficult, I thought. A month became 2, then 6 and I still wasn’t finding a role in Insurance.

I’ve always had a genuine curiosity towards Information Technology, so when friends who had been here for a while suggested I get some certifications in the domain, I gladly welcomed the idea. I ended up taking various courses in Web Development, Cloud Technologies and Digital Marketing…but even still I wasn’t finding a role.

It was during one of my web surfing incidents stumbled across Business Analysis career path. I had no idea who a BA was or what they did. In my usual curious fashion, I decided to find out more about it and it got me down a rabbit hole. 

I found it exciting that there was a role that allowed me to combine every skill I had stacked over the years, and I fell instantly in love with Business Analysis.

Now I had another problem. How do I get a role in this industry? Luckily enough one of my buddies happened to be working as a Business Analyst. He and his friends had started a Company and were offering Business Analysis services. I joined them in the hope of learning as much as I could. The only problem was that they had full time roles and were running this company on the side. They just didn’t have the time to dedicate to my learning. At that point I left them and signed myself up into a popular Business Analysis Training program. To my disappointment they seemed more focused on getting you into a role that making you competent for the role. I went through the program and landed several interviews. The only problem was, I had to step into the persona of someone I was not. I suffered from a severe case of cognitive dissonance. Their values weren’t in alignment with mine and it took a toll on my mental state. I decided to take a break from finding a job as a business analyst and settled for a role just for the income and put my BA aspirations on the back burner.

Out of the blue one day I received a call from one of my buddies with whom I had been on the BA journey. He was calling to inform me that he had landed a role! I met this news with feeling of excitement and genuine curiosity on how he managed to do it. He told me he had signed up for a Ba mentorship program and it was what did the magic for him. He mentioned that this program included joining real life Scrum meetings and going through the Software Development Life Cycle from Start to finish. It was at this point a light lit up in my head. My problem wasn’t the acquisition of knowledge, it was the implementation of the knowledge. This epiphany gave birth to The Renaissance BA, a platform dedicated to a more output based learning.

From my days of web development, I knew of individuals who “built in public”, where an audience were taken along for a ride in the product development journey. This practice has always fascinated me for two reasons. The first being the accountability that comes with the process. Instead of having one or two accountability partners, you have hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands following you on your journey giving you more of a reason to not fall of the wagon. Secondly, we humans are mostly social animals and the idea of having like minded individual with whom you can interact with on similar interest gives the feeling of being apart of a tribe of sorts.

On this note, I’ve decided I will be building a project every week, for the next 12 weeks and be sharing my progress publicly. I will be sharing details in upcoming post, so feel free to subscribe and join me on this exciting journey of learning!!!